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Going to Concerts in Lagos 101

Photo by : @deeds_art

Photo by : @deeds_art

Concert season is officially upon us! Concerts and festivals in Lagos usually occur from March through to December every year with Gidi Culture Festival kicking off during the Easter weekend. Going to a concert/festival can be fun, exciting and a great place to mingle with people but it can also be rowdy. Here are 5 very important tips that you should know when preparing for a concert.

1. Buy Your Tickets Before The Day: I cannot stress this enough. Always get your ticket(s) before the day of the event. While most events do have their tickets sold at the door, it is very important to get yours way before that day to avoid any disappointment, hiked prices, last minute rush and embarrassment in front of your date. Take advantage of Early Bird prices!

2. ALWAYS Have Extra Cash: So you bought your ticket and probably already had lunch before the event started, it is still important that you do not leave yourself to the risk of being stranded. This includes not having your bank cards with you – you should also have easily accessible cash at hand, trust me. Having said that, do not carry LOTS of cash. Just have enough as backup for the basics – transport and food a.k.a. vex money.

3. Lagos Is A Hot Place: Have you been feeling the sun lately?! Being outdoors for a long time can be exhausting and irritating. You do not want to be at a concert and wish you had stayed home instead. So go ready with your ammunitions if the event is outdoors – sunscreen, face cap, sunglasses, handkerchief/hand towel and a portable mini fan if possible. Most importantly, dress appropriately – light weight fabrics are perfect! We Lagosians can like to overdress to the wrong kind of events (Yep! I shook this table).

4. Be Security Conscious: Not everyone came to vibe to Show Dem Camp’s music like you did. Some are there with ulterior motives. Do not be a victim. Most event organisers are taking precautions and employing security agencies to be on ground but they can only do so much. So, try to stay with the people you went with, keep your belongings close to you and report unsolicited advances immediately they become uncomfortable. Do not be a JJC!

5. Plan To a T: Have a Plan Z in case Plans A – Y don’t go as planned. Sort out your transportation to and from the concerts and try as much as you can not to let any situation catch you off-guard. Have a power bank incase your phone dies – major key.

Don’t be scared. Most often than not, everything will go well and you would end up having a great time. So go on, have fun and always check @fomo.lagos on Instagram and @fomo_lagos on Twitter for events happening in Lagos!

Upcoming concerts include:

Gidi Culture Festival : 


When: Friday, March 30th 2018.

Where: Hard Rock Cafe Beach Front.

Tickets can be gotten from Student – N3,500, Regular – N5,000 & VIP – N20,000.



When: Monday, April 2nd 2018.

Where: Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel.

Tickets can be gotten from Students – N3,500, Regular – N5,000 & VIP – N20,000.

Castle Lite with JCole: 


When: Friday, April 27th 2018.

Where: Eko Hotels & Suites.

How to get tickets: Simply buy a bottle of Castle Lite and hope that the odds are in your favour.

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