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Shiro Launches New Lunch Menu #LetsLunchAtShiro

The fine-dining bargain you’ve been waiting for.


Disclaimer: We are not food critics but we love food and that’s that. 

We were invited to an exclusive tasting at Shiro with a select few to try out the new #LetLunchAtShiro menu. We were not sure what to expect, all we knew was that it was Shiro and of course what came to mind was fancy fine dining and we know that equals expensive most times.

We were briefed on how the idea for the new menu came about and to our surprise it was everything we wanted to hear and opposite to the general consensus of what Shiro exudes. Finally!

The menu will be available between 12:30pm-3:30pm between MondayFriday, which is the typical lunch time in Lagos – even though we low-key think it could be longer, by an hour maybe. The best part about this is the pricing – the menu is a set menu which consists of options from the main Shiro menu and is divided into 4 courses.

3-course meal costs N8500

4-course meal costs N10,000

Yep you read right! Everyone at the table was shocked. Immediately thought there was a catch and the only catch was it didn’t include drinks and it wasn’t the full Shiro menu which was a minor setback as this new menu has a lot of options too. All in all, it’s an absolute bang for your buck for a fine dining experience.

Here’s a picture of the menu:


We started off with some Iced Tea as the Fomo team is on a “New Years cleanse” at the moment, so no cocktails for us *lol let’s see how long that lasts*. The Iced Tea isn’t on the menu but it went down well! It was one of the best we’ve had in Lagos. Shiro’s drinks game has always been on point.


We decided to get 2 things from each course so we had a taste of different options, so we can let you know as much as possible.


The 1st course, we got the only 2 options which were the Chilli Lemon Soup and the Thai Kwai Soup. Definitely preferred the Thai Kwai Soup, it was seafood goodness and had a lot going on in the right way and the aroma was spot on.


The Chilli Lemon Soup was good as well but not as good as the Thai Kwai. It’s definitely for those looking for something stronger and who like aromatic food.


As the lunch menu progresses, we think there should be at least one more soup option added for variety.

The 2nd course which was the Appetiser, we got the Korean Chilli Potatoes and the Sambal Chicken Salad from the Vegetarian and Vegetarian sections respectively.

Let’s talk about the Chilli Potatoes. It was like eating air and in a good way. They were roasted like potatoes but the most airy, none-forced, easy-to-eat tasty potatoes, no joke and the sauce was a success.


The salad was a hit as well and wasn’t heavy at all which was great cause you will need space for the 3rd (main) course.


For the 3rd course which was the main, we decided on the Hot Pot – Chicken and a Thai Curry with Chicken. You can never go wrong with Thai Curry in our experience. The Thai Curry was awesome and the Hot Pot was tasty too. I mean it’s Shiro so we won’t expect anything less.


The portions of the main were big and can definitely be shared. So if you decided to lunch with a group of people, you can get different options and everyone can have a go at each other’s dishes – save some money!

The 4th course which is the dessert has 2 options so we got both and they were both really yummy and a great end to the meal.



The good thing about this menu is that if you choose a 3-course meal for only N8,500, you can decide if you want to skip out on the soup/appetiser/dessert depending on your preference which is awesome. Most importantly, you already know how much you’re spending in advance – no surprises. If you’re on that fitfam tip, you can just drink water and save even more – people tend to think you’re balling if you’re dining at Shiro so… you’re welcome.

We would definitely recommend lunching at Shiro. Would be great for a quick cute lunch date or a lunch meeting with that client you’re trying to impress. Also the location is beautiful when the sun’s out, every area makes for great Instaworthy pictures especially the terrace.



Gorgeous view of the sea.

The LetsLunchAtShiro menu is now live as of the 19th of February so you can now get to fine dine on a budget!

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