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Watch as Celebrity Designers Create Urban Street Wear for King’s Stitch

Adjust your crowns because its take over time. Budweiser’s King Stitch is in full swing with award winning designers ready to take you through the process of creating a super one-of-a-kind collection specially crafted to break barriers within the Nigerian sphere.

Internationally acclaimed designers, Orange Culture and Tokyo James have selected and trained a few budding fashion enthusiasts who have now been given the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to create a fashion line with their idols.

Once completed, the collection will be sold online on giving everyone the chance to make a statement via their apparels.

Budweiser through the King’s Stitch campaign has created a platform where youths can engage and be engaged to showcase their personality. The brand speaks to young Nigerians who are bold enough to be authentic even when society tries to inhibit their self -expression.

King Stitch not only affords the average Nigerian the opportunity to look like their favorite superstars by owning bespoke pieces from celebrity designers already subsidized by the King of Beers, it also ensures that a few young fashion hopefuls who never dreamed their work would be seen have a platform to showcase their creativity.

In this one minute clip, Budweiser has invited everyone constrained by societal norms to participate in the movement, ditch the labels and own their kingship. If Adetutu, the girl with the indelible facial marks could embrace her looks so much so that she has caught the attention of superstar singer Rihanna, what’s your excuse?

Wondering what the buzz is about? Watch the video.

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